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Every project is an opportunity to create something unique!
Same as your business or project, we make it unique for you.


Responsive website. Yes, responsive. It mean that the website is viewable friendly across various device screen size from as big as a desktop monitor to as small as a 4 inch smart phone display. So you can consider, one stone two birds!
This is a killer features that every website must have. It allow the return rate of a user goes higher.

Graphic Designs

To be honest, nowadays there is various of good website offering nice and unique graphics for commercial usage such as website design, we welcome client to choose to use them, but we also have our very own graphic designer. The choice is up to the client.

Hassle Free

If Domain name, hosting, server sound like an alient to you, do not worry. Engaging us without knowing any IT knowledge is fine. We guide client thru the process to obtain a good website.
Client need not to worry and we will handle start from building a website until it is available in the web and internet. And not to forget, we also provide *post sales service.


Of Business to Business use website (landing pages) to garner a new sales lead for future conversion!!


Of Business to Business buyers access business-related content on mobile devices!!


Of consumers believe that businesses with websites are more credible than ones without an online presence!!

Is website content over the internet important?

(Revised and Updated for 2015)

As of September 2016, there is 3,675 millions of internet users which is only 50.1% of the world population. This number is still growing and making a presence in the internet and web ready is important for your business.

Not convince having a Website...?

A lot of clients tend to remain their way of business including to avoid having a website.
However, having a website is not about changing, it is something to top up,
and nothing can go wrong with it.

If you have a budget for advertising.

Yes, You are ready for a website.

If your business reputation is one of the key reason that customer value.

Yes, You are ready for a website.

If you use Google Search.

Yes, You are ready for a website.

Why Website is crucial in the current world.

First Impression Count!
Face it, we live in a world where people "Google" before they shop,
visit online on product specification before they decide to go to which brand.

Because of this, you seriously want your first impression to be the best it can be.
Begining with your website!

"Strolling down local Main Street is not the only way people check out stores and small business nowadays.
Routine visits to Google, Yahoo, or Bing, customers are seeking where they plan to make their next purchases. Website is the identity of your business in the internet. A Social Media setup can't hurt, but it definately cannot represent your identity, but merely a Social Media platform. Any John Doe can fake up your brand just like how many fan pages it can have in Social Media"

Window Shopping Isn't What It Use to Be.

"A website including 3 main basic reasons of it presence.

  • One UNIQUE link that bring customer to your web page. Yes, UNIQUE, your business identity in the internet and lead to your business.

  • People land on your web page, they equally reach your business because your web page will state clearly where is your business, and what being provided. Customer confidence level and impression will shoot high up to cloud nine.

  • Ok, to be honest, maybe customer's confidence level and impression does not reach high up to cloud nine, but rest assured that at least you are on par with your competitor who own a website for their business.

No Website Means Losing Business."


Website Design and Website Art are different.
Website Art is expression or application of human creative skill and imagination which mean, it may not function as it really should.
While in another hand, Website Design is to make sure the functionality and it purposes is served.

Following are the essentials info and pages your website should account for.

Landing Page

The first Page that visitor land to. It give the first impression and it is very important.

Business Details

Details of your business, your project, your profile, anything about you that would like your customer, client, new comers to know at first.

Photo and Image

A picture worth more than a thousand words! This never change and it is still apply these days. Show off your business, project with majestic photo.


An info of your business location, working hour, branches, and etc. All can be categorize into this page.

Pricing Page

Seduce your new potential customers with a pricing page. When vistor willing to look at your price list, most likely the deal is on.

A lot more

There are a lot more a website can do. Example a promotion flyer over the website. An annoucement, link to social media like Facebook, Twitter.

Our Pricing

There is no fix price in exact, but to allow a feeling, you may reference the following price and their item provided. Serious enough? May drop us an E-Mail.



RM0 cost for public society, public awareness, special education. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Startup Plan, start from


Startup Plan is a good plan to get a taste of owning a website. The plan will assure a landing page, business details and a contact page. The minimum details a website need to have.

Tailor Made, start from


For an even more details website design including your business profile, history and graphic optimizing. It may be a long process, and slgihtly expensive, but it definately worth it to build a truely unique website that show your business over the internet.

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